Day 30: Grammy



Today is about a very special woman, my Grammy. She has spent many hours at our house, watching us, helping with homework, and teaching us all about cooking. Grammy was our taxi service all throughout childhood. Since all school practices and events seemed to take place right during milking hours, mom and dad couldn’t get us there. She came out every night to help us with homework and make sure we didn’t kill each other while alone in the house. Whenever it was nice out, she would play countless games of Annie Annie over with us, and catch. She always comes to video tape us loading up the cows and heifers for our club’s black and white show. She also comes out every year when we put up sweet corn. She helps mom cut the corn off the cob and get it into freezer bags. She’s always willing to whip up something for us to eat, and is an extremely good cook! She hosts all of our family holidays and makes almost all the food. She helped PawPaw with the farming and milking, and anything else that needed done. She can garden like no other, and spends countless hours hoeing and weeding her garden, and is always willing to come work on ours too! She grows the best coxcomb I’ve ever seen, and I’m excited to grow my own one day, thanks to her.

She is the best Grammy we could ever have, and we are blessed to have her around. Without her, us girls wouldn’t have gotten such good grades, and mom and dad would have had a lot more struggles of hauling us girls all over.


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