Day 29: sisters


I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with two partners in crime. Two people to play with, to make up games with, and to spend all our time together. God blessed me with two best friends that lived in the same house, and understand all your problems. Living on a dairy farm, having all girls, isn’t exactly like hitting the jackpot. All of our lives we have heard other people tell dad, that the boys will come.

Having two sisters is great, usually! We get to share clothes, shoes, and jewelry. There’s always someone to listen to your problems and understand because they’ve been through it before. We’ve really become best friends the older we get, and we will continue to get closer.

Having two sisters at fairs, has had it’s ups and downs. At times it would have been nice to have a brother to carry the heavy stuff and tell us he would protect us during the long dark nights in an unfamiliar barn. But, we learned what each person did best and made it work. Allies is still in charge of washing, because Livy and I don’t have the patience, and I have to scatter straw since Livy is allergic. We’ve learned to work together to accomplish whatever needs done. We’ve had our good times and our bad, but we always stick together.

Some things we still need the others approval for are what we are wearing before we go somewhere important, baby calf names, and boys. We always want the others approval and aren’t happy until we have it. I’m truly blessed that my patents have me these two, and that I’ll always have them in my life.





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