Day 28: miracle cows



Over the years we have had some miracle cows. One of the most recent would be Dizzy. Dad and I went to a dispersal sale last spring in Indiana. We were running a little late due to the time change, and he had about three heifers marked down to look at. Dizzy was one of them. She sold pretty late in the sale and after a big bidding war I ended up with her. Since we took a car instead of the truck and trailer, we had a neighboring farmer bring her to our farm. After her first day at our house, we noticed she wasn’t eating enough, and she didn’t seem to be feeling good. We called our vet the next day and he determined that she had a dislocated abomasum, which is one of the four stomach competently cows have. She had surgery to untwist her stomach, and her health seemed to decline even more. The vet came back to look at her, and told us he didn’t think she would make it to the next morning. Dad and I took her up to the university of Illinois vet clinic. The vet asked us about her situation and we explained all that had happened. She asked how much we were willing to do, and dad said whatever it takes. We headed home to do evening chores, and received a phone call asking if we gave them permission to operate. The next morning we received a phone call that she had made it through, and seemed to be in good health! After hearing they gave her a twenty precent chance to live, and a twenty percent chance to make it through surgery. They said they really didn’t find anything in the surgery, but she finally was going to the bathroom regularly! We were all so excited! When a cow gets sick, it’s the same as a member of our family being sick. After another day or two, they called and told us we could come and pick her up. She came home and got babied, she also showed all summer. She’s now getting a little chubby, but that’s okay, because she’s pregnant!

We’re blessed to have her still in our lives, as well as such awesome vets at the university that we can count on to help us keep our black and white beauties alive.


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