Day 26: Pride in our herd


Today I was able to help dad with a herd assessment. This means that a representative from a bull stud came to our farm and went through and looked at all of the milking cows. He looks at each individual cow and records what her best attributes are and what her downfalls are. After recording this for all of the animals, he goes and looks through his books to see what bulls would be best suited to “fix her problems” so that her calf will then be much more correct and sound than her. While looking through the herd, they would be a few cows that stuck out to the representative and he would ask about their pedigree (which means their family tree.)

It made me awfully proud that most of the cows he asked about went back to Leann. I take a lot of pride that we have been able to develop Leann and her family on the farm. I baby her daughters and granddaughters a little bit, and they tend to be spoiled. Yet, they do seem to be awfully nice looking, and they carry the Char-La-Don prefix, so that makes them special. I feel blessed that we are able to develop some excellent cows and raise some nice home bred animals as well.


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