Day 24: 3 a day


Today I’ve indulged in the products we produce. I had a tasty bowl of cereal this morning, covered in 2%. For lunch mom brought home dq, so of course we had ice cream. And I snacked on some delicious pepper jack cheese.

I’m glad that the dairy producers work so hard 365 days a year to provide such yummy products to all consumers. Not only are dairy products tasty, they contain nutrients that everyone needs in their diets. I’m also glad that there are programs that help promote our industry. I appreciate all the hard work that these programs do to promote dairy products to children in schools as well as the campaigns that run on tv to ensure that all consumers know about the dairy products that are offered. These programs do a great job ensuring that our industry is portrayed in a positive light, and that the consumers are able to see that our products are pure.

I think that everyone who gets to eat dairy products is blessed. They are nutritious as well as delicious. The farmers strive hard to keep them affordable as well as healthy for everyone.


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