Day 22: high quality feed


As I was doing chores last night, I began to think about all the feed we have stored up for this winter. Both of our silos are full of corn silage, we have a bag of silage for the heifers, not to mention the hay we have bought up. On a farm it’s important not only to have enough feed but high quality feed, to keep the animals healthy and their byproducts wholesome.

Every year it is a guessing game with the crops. Some years they are better than expected and other years they barely yield anything. This is a struggle, as a grain and dairy farmer. You want to be able to provide your animals with nutritional feeds. This year we were lucky to put up some high quality corn silage, that the cows enjoy! As well as having neighbors that have sold us nice green hay for the winter.

After some past years, and the poor quality feed they provided, I believe we are blessed to have the feed supply that we do for this winter. It’s one challenge that we have completed, therefore it’s one less problem we will have to worry about this winter.


Alfalfa hay for the milking cows



Corn silage running into the TMR mixer



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