Day 19: Puppy Love


Living on a farm, or just out in the country, you realize that it’s important to have a good dog around. At Char-La-Don we are lucky enough to have two.

Maybe they aren’t quite equals, though.

unnamed (4)

Sadie is our Border Collie, she has been around for as long as I can remember. She likes to help get the cows into the holding pen, and likes “hugs.” She comes out to me every night in the feed room and leaves after she has decided she was pampered enough. She is constantly running and chasing something. At one point, this caught up with her, as she broke her leg while “trying to herd” a pen of heifers for fun. She got a trip to the vet, and a cone around her head for awhile.


Abbie, she is our spoiled, chunky mini Sheltie. We got her around Christmas, three years ago. She has been placed in a life of luxury. Since we got her in the middle of winter, she got to live inside in a “puppy playpen.” It was hard to “kick” her outside after it warmed up outside. She gets to sleep inside on the landing.She likes to play fetch and tug of war. Her favorite hobby is going jeeping, she has been known to chase the jeep almost half a mile due to being left at home. She is quite particular about keeping herself clean, especially in the cow lot. She can be seen carefully picking and choosing where she steps.


Although they both serve different purposes on the farm, we still love them just the same. They both are given the same amount of treats, and both get comfy beds and a warm place to sleep in the winter especially. I think we are all blessed to have Sadie-babe and Abbie-Lynn in our lives, and no other puppy could ever replace them.


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