Day 18: From Citygirl to Farmgirl


If you would have asked her when she was twenty, if she would ever end up on a dairy farm milking cows, I bet her answer would have been NO! Our mom, grew up in Effingham, the biggest city near us. She went to college and became a beautician. After her and dad got married she worked at a bank in town, until after I was born. Then her world changed, some days it may seem for the better, yet other days it may seem for the worst.

Our mom began milking full-time after I was born, and she still does it everyday, twice a day. She must enjoy the time dancing and singing with the cows somewhat, because she doesn’t complain about it very much.

When the three of us girls were little, she would manage to milk and still get us to church every Sunday and on holidays with curled hair pulled back with bows, not to mention she had to get herself ready too. Many times, she would spend hours making us all matching dresses or outfits, because back then that was “cool.”

unnamed (2)

With all the time she puts into milking, helping dad outside with the other odds and ends, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and cooking all the meals, she always found the time to hand make us the absolute best Halloween costumes. We were always excited to wear them at school or at the Halloween parade in town.

unnamed (3)

Mom is the best listener. Whenever, or maybe it is easier to say whichever, one of us girls has a problem, she will always think up solutions and try to help us in any way that she can. She has done so much for us girls, and we appreciate her so much for it.

At times it seems that we totally underestimate what she does. She no longer seems to be a “city girl” like she used to be. She can drive graintrucks and tractors like the best of them, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep our family going.

unnamed (1)

Our family wouldn’t be the same without “Mama Kim.” We are so blessed to have a mom and role model like you. I know the three of us can’t wait to have you help us make adorable costumes for our kids, or learn how to make your delicious meatballs. The farm wouldn’t run as “smoothly” as it does without you, Mom.


One thought on “Day 18: From Citygirl to Farmgirl

  1. Momma Kim

    Thanks for the great tribute Jess these are kind words and I know some days are easier than others but in the end I do it all for you guys and for LOVE!! Love you all !!


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