Day 17: Kitty Cats


Today as it’s cold and snowy out at school, I’m thinking about home. I know that you could most likely see the cow’s breath and they will be running around like little calves. Another thing I would bet money on, is that the cats will be laying on the baby calves.

Over the years we have gone through multitudes of kittens and cats. Some of us are more fond of the cats than others. Yet, the cats always get fed the leftover milk twice a day, and get their fair share of the dog food.

Some kittens have stolen the heart of my sisters and I and get special treatment. A few kittens have even managed to run up so high vet bills after they participated in some not so clever activities.

All in all, the cats and kittens can be a pain when they weave inside and out of your legs trying to steal the calves milk. But they still are a blessing. They add a little more spunk and sparkle into our lives.



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