Day 16: Professional Driver


Today as it’s snowing out, I have noticed that people begin to drive like maniacs. I realize that not everyone began driving four wheelers or trucks around the family farm at the age of nine or ten like I did. I have learned to drive quite a few piece of large machinery and just large vehicles in general over the years.


When I was fifteen and had my permit, I remember dad letting me drive the truck and trailer for the first time, it was on the interstate! It was nerve racking to be side to side with semis. Over time, I gained confidence and now I can drive the truck and trailer with ease. I also feel special that I have been paid to drive a tractor and baler for another farmer, when he was short handed, not many girls get the opportunity to do that.

I feel blessed that I have had so much experience driving and with such large vehicles,  and that I understand the importance of conditions much more than others. I know that no matter how bad the snow and ice is, there will always be a 4×4 somewhere to come pull you out.


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