Day 15: Superman


Have you ever known someone that seemed to be able to do it all? They can fix the tractors, feed the cows, treat the sick cows, and so much more, all in a timely manner? I do.

Jess and dad cow show

I have been my dad’s “mini me” for a long time. I remember being about four or five and following him around “helping him” do chores in my strawberry coat. Since then, I have learned so much from him and respect him greatly.

Dad has taken on a lot of responsibility since PawPaw passed away. He now is in charge of the dairy as well as all the farming. On our farm he is the only man, his “employees”¬†consist of mom, his three daughters, Aunt Char and Grammy. As you can guess, he has to explain things multiple times, teach us how to drive the big equipment, and fix everything we break. Although he sometimes loses his patience, we all know that he appreciates our help.

photo 1

I know that if it wasn’t for Dad, I wouldn’t have the love for cows that I do today. He has been there helping me the entire way. From helping me with my first heifer, to teaching me how to show. He took me to my first judging contest and helped me learn what was import to look for in the animals. He continued to drive me throughout Illinois to judging competitions, and helped me to get better. Even at the college level, I still stare at a class and think what would dad do?

photo 2

He taught me at a young age how to drive tractors and trucks. I work ground or combine whenever he needs help. He has never told us girls that we couldn’t do something because we were girls and it was a boys job. I think that he has taught my sisters and me that we can do whatever we put our minds to.

He is a jack of all trades. Whether it is fixing a fence or a silage wagon, he seems to be able to do it all. I’ve never seen him give up or say that he can’t do something. He always keeps trying and comes up with innovative solutions to fix the problem. I know that we are all blessed to have dad in our lives, and blessed that he loves the dairy industry as much as he does. We all appreciate the early mornings, the late nights, and the countless hours a week that you put in for us girls.


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