Day 13: Style (or lack there of)


Today’s “blessing” might seem strange, but it’s something that makes sense to me. On snowy and freezing days like today, I’m glad that I’m not afraid to wear what seems to be a thousand layers of clothes to stay warm. At home during the middle of winter my family looks pretty goofy. Matching isn’t a concern when it comes to staying warm. One of my favorite items to wear that will keep me warm and toasty is a pair of bibs. If they are snow bibs, insulated bibs, or striped fitter’s bibs I love them all.


Being bundled up is important to help stay warm during the long hours outside. As dad and mom have always told me making sure to wear a hat and gloves are just as important as wearing your coat. Getting sick isn’t really an option on a dairy farm, the cows don’t take days off, so neither do we. Using all of the precautions possible to stay healthy during the winter is important. So I have learned to embrace the hat hair, the puffy marshmallow coats, and multiple layers of socks.


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