Day 12: Sleeping anywhere and anyway


After a long week in Louisville at NAILE, I’m still worn out. Heading to the hotel at eleven and getting up at four aren’t all that unusual for my family though. And I started thinking about all the people who say they have trouble sleeping. In our family that isn’t an occurrence, we can sleep anytime, anywhere almost always. This week alone I can think of a few interesting places we all dosed off. The cot in the tent (with music blaring), the show ring seats, the chairs we had set up behind the cows, the truck, in a display trailer in the shopping center.

Some may not see this as a blessing, yet I do. I’m glad that our family is hard working and we therefore have catnaps throughout the day. Yes, it can be quite funny to watch mom or dad doing the “headbob” but I understand why they do it. Getting up at 4:30 everyday and having a day full of outside work to do would have this affect on anyone. I’m thankful that I can sleep and not lay awake for hours on end in bed.


Cots, I think we sleep on these more than our beds in the summer.


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