Day 11: Europe



Two weeks, in Scotland, England, and Ireland. That was our reward for winning World Dairy Expo. Never in my life would I have dreamed that at the age of 20 I would have a passport, and been to a different continent. It seemed like we prepared and pack and purchased things for months, and finally we got to leave. We had a two part flight, first we were to fly from St Louis to Philadelphia. As we were zooming down the runway about to take off, the plane began to slow. We went back to the air port, had to unload and then reload onto the plane, it was an interesting beginning to our adventure.


My first glimpse of Scotland


While in the UK we toured museums, castles, dairy farms, and other monumental parts of their culture. It’s hard for me to remember every detail of what we did. It now seems like we were barely gone for a couple of days. Some of the highlights were our tour guide falling into a creek and soaking his clothes and phone, the crazy coach drivers, the new and interesting food, the weird tissue like toilet paper, attending a prom in a different country, and all of the beautiful scenery. I am so blessed to have experienced the two weeks in Europe, and can’t wait to go back as soon as possible.


Bed and Breakfast in Ireland.


Cliffs of Moher.


Ring of Kerry




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