Day 10: Kaskaskia College


When you look back at past decisions, you realize that some were really great and some you probably could have lived without. I am so thankful that I attended Kaskaskia College for two years. Yes, I’m happy that I was able to judge there, but also meeting all the people, being in an environment that felt like home, and being able to be involved with ag club and PAS all are just as important.

Kaskaskia PAS

Kaskaskia PAS

Being in a club that understands all of the parts of agriculture is important to me. Joining the ag club and being involved in PAS at Kaskaskia was a great choice. Since I was getting my associates in Science and Arts, I didn’t get to take all the ag classes that I would have liked to; ag club allowed me to still be involved with ag. PAS is very similar to FFA but at the collegiate level, I got to continue to show my knowledge of the dairy industry. The trips that KC took for PAS were a lot of fun, because we all got to know each other better and made friendships.


Living with these ladies rocked!

Going to college, one thing you “should” be concerned about are your roommates. I didn’t have to be worried about that. I had the best roommates both years, and have a lot of awesome memories. I still hangout out with them and talk to them on a regular basis. If it weren’t for KC, I wouldn’t have met these amazing girls, and a few of my future bridesmaids.


World Dairy Expo Champions

Lets be honest, the only reason I had ever hear of Kaskaskia, and attended there was to be on the dairy judging team. Aaron worked on me for a couple years and finally convinced me to be on his team. I never would have dreamed that I would be able to experience all that I did. Our team was made up of people that I already knew through showing. We judged four contests while at KC. Each of us were the top individual, and each of us were the drop score. We finished in the top three at all of our contests. We won both World Dairy Expo and NAILE. It was an unbelievable two years. I am lucky enough to continue my judging career with two of my teammates at U of I. We were lucky to have the coach that we did to help us reach our ultimate goals.


Hanging out with this Cutie made KC a little better, too!

All in all, going to KC was a blessing. It was a nice way to introduce myself to college without culture shock of a big school. I was able to make true friendships and experience some great things. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for the world.


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