Day 7: Showing


Fancy and me, we won pee wee showmanship.

To those that haven’t done it before, it’s a hard concept to grasp. Why would anyone get any enjoyment out of walking cows around in a circle? Well there is a lot more to it than that.

Showing makes all the bad days good. Getting that blue or purple ribbon gives you a feeling that cannot be replaced. It lights a fire inside you, and all you want is to feed that fire. Showing is all about being around other people that love good cows and showing how much work you have put into your own show string of cows.

Whether it’s a county fair or World Dairy Expo, showing is fun and exciting. In our family it comes down to this, showing is life. It’s a well known fact in our little town of Strasburg, that the Telgmann family is gone most of the summer at cow shows.

My summers have consisted of cows ever since I can remember. Over the years my involvement has changed greatly. I now am considered “show barn manager”, which means that I get to decide who goes to shows, when the heifers are washed, and how much they will eat.

995031_704161526300273_1525831900450683958_n (1)

Char-La-Don team at IL State Fair.

I have to say that shows wouldn’t happen without our entire family. Grammy, she’s our cheerleader in the stands. My Aunt Char is awesome at washing, everyone else get tired of it, but she will wash cows all day if we keep bringing them to her. My mom, sometimes we don’t give her enough credit, this lady knows a little bit about all of it. She feeds us, makes sure we have clean show clothes (which is hard when white pants are the main staple of our wardrobe), puts show halters on, dyes cow tails, really she does anything that we ask her. My sisters and I know how we like things on show day and usually still end up running around like chickens with our heads cut off. My dad, he’s the one that holds the whole ship together, he tells everyone else what to do while doing about ten other things himself. Derek (my boyfriend) and Jake (Allie’s boyfriend) also have found jobs within our crazy team when ever they come along to shows, I think the show-bug has bitten both of them now too.


Olivia, Jake, Allison, me, and Derek. IL State Fair

I honestly don’t know if my love and passion for the dairy industry would be as strong as it is today without all of my years of showing. Since I was four, I have looked forward to learning the names of my heifers for the summer. Being given the opportunity to have the quality of cows, and the support of our parents has been a huge blessing for my sisters and me. Thank you Mom and Dad for all the time spent, the late nights, the early mornings, and all the stressful show days!


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