Day 6: PawPaw


PawPaw, my sisters and me.

This man was the absolute greatest, and I’m so lucky to have called him my PawPaw. He and Grammy owned the farm before my dad and mom took it over. He was diagnosed with cancer and fought as hard as he could, it barely slowed him down. I remember when I was little it seemed that PawPaw and dad did everything together. I remember them having talks about when they should do certain projects or how they should go about doing them.

When Leann came to Char-La-Don, Pawpaw and I grew immensely closer. We would watch her eat from either the feed room or out in the lot. When Leann was a three-year old, PawPaw didn’t think that he could handle all of the walking that you have to do at the state fair. Well, we couldn’t stand the thought of him not being there and my parents signed up to rent a golf cart. Pops still wasn’t thrilled with the idea but after mom told him he was going whether he liked it or not, he finally agreed. Our whole family was so glad that he came, because Leann won Grand Champion Holstein of the junior show, it was the last show he made it to.

During his chemo treatments, PawPaw would get very weak and even somewhat sick. He still came out almost every night to help with chores, at that point his job was mixing the feed. On nights that his health wouldn’t allow him to come out he would call our house and ask to talk to me, I still remember the phone calls. I jumped at the chance to help him, because he meant so much to me.

Every win that we have had since he has passed away has been accredited to him. We know that he now has the best seat to watch us girls in the show ring. I know that every night I go out for chores, I think of him and the legacy that he left our family. He was an excellent example of what a hard-working man is, and I see a lot of him in my dad. I am truly blessed to have had PawPaw in my life, and Char-La-Don wouldn’t have become the place that it is without him.


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