Day 3- Calves



Who doesn’t love babies? It seems that babies are always the cutest, no matter what species they are. You ooh and awww over how adorable and tiny they are, and that you want to take them home with you.

Calves are adorable (unless they’re being stubborn and won’t drink their milk.) I was trying to calculate about how many calves I have helped dad deliver or just seen on the farm, my guess is over 500. At some point all the births run together, but there are still a few that I remember in great detail.

When Leann calved on mom’s birthday is one. She was in the maternity pen and we had family over for pizza to celebrate mom. I pretty well camped in the barn to make sure Leann was doing alright. Finally, dad called the vet to come help her deliver the calf, due to some complications. To put it nicely things weren’t stretching like they should be and the calf just wasn’t coming out. After our vet got there, he figured out that a little mineral oil would help and after lots of effort both mom and baby were just fine. Although I was a little upset, it was a bull (I named him Lambeau because I’m a Green Bay fan ). Having Leann healthy after calving was the most important part.

One exciting calving that took place two weeks ago will be documented as a first! It was the first time that I have had to deliver a calf without Dad at all. He and mom were at a visitation and it was all on me. The cow was about a week and a half overdue and the bull calf she had was huge.

Every calf is a blessing, and it is really special to watch them grow up into cows that will produce for our family so that we can make a living from them.


My sister, Olivia, and her Jersey calf. Jersey’s are a smaller breed than our black and white Holsteins.


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