Day 1- The Real #1



Ever since this black beauty first called Char-La-Don Dairy home, one has been her number. I never would have dreamed that the fat black bred heifer dad bought me would ever turn into everything a girl could ever dream of. Leann turned out to be a real blessing.

After coming to our house, Leann calved in with a set of twins and at that point she really began to change. She was gorgeous (if you’re into tall, silky, black cows that is.) I remember her being very timid at the feed bunk, every time another cow even looked at her she would take off for the barn. Finally dad had enough of it and tied her up next to the feed room after milking, from that point on that was her spot and she knew it. I remember watching her eat with Pawpaw, he and I both loved her. Leann went to all the summer shows with us that year, and even won her class at the Junior State Show.

From then on, Leann seemed to just win and win and she got better with age! She was Reserve Senior Champion at NAILE in 2009. The absolute best year was 2012, when she made one of my biggest dreams come true. Leann won the 125,000 pound cow class at the Illinois State Championship Show and then went on to be Senior Champion and crowned with the Grand Champion title! At the Illinois State Fair Open Show that year she was named Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand.

It’s not just all the winning that Leann has done that makes her so special. She has a distinct personality, like most show cows do. She knows when it’s showtime and she struts her stuff all on her own. Off the colored shavings she is like a big puppy dog. There have been many occasions that I will just call for her instead of putting a halter on her, and every time she just follows me wherever I want her to go.

Leann may just be a cow to some, but to me she is truly a blessing.
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