Did I pick Ag Comm or did it pick me?


From the very beginning of farming, there has always been communication. It first began with word of mouth, with each farmer passing on what he knew, had been trying in his fields, or what anyone else had been doing. Farmers also attended agricultural fairs to help improve their knowledge of their profession and what they could do or buy to help them plant, take care of, and harvest the most bountiful crop they possibly could. While at these ag fairs, farmers were able to see the latest and greatest machines as well as attend demonstrations where they were shown how the new products and machines worked. Agricultural societies also helped the farmers to communicate. Once they joined the society they attended meetings and were able to discuss the latest hardships and innovations. The societies had another additional perk; they would produce journals to send to the farmers with information inside, although the books weren’t always the most well rounded due to being published by the same people that wrote them.

All of this history makes me want to explain why I personally picked Ag Com as my major. Growing up on a dairy farm and showing my cows across Illinois and throughout the U.S.. I have been blessed to explain my love of the dairy industry and agriculture to those that aren’t fortunate enough to live on a farm. While at dairy shows, I talk to the children who pet my cows,  I share with the public where milk really comes from, I and answer any questions they may have about the cows or the industry in general. I take pride in telling others about the animals my family owns and raises and about how “some cows just want to dance.” I want to continue this advocating for both agriculture and the dairy industry through my career. I would love to help teach children in schools about where their food comes from, as well as help the farmers throughout Illinois and the surrounding states to share their lives and stories with the public. Uniting the farming community with the public will be the most effective way to answer questions effectively and show both sides the genuine concerns that the others may have.

An amazing life experience that has also helped push me to choosing Ag Com as my major is FFA. Through joining FFA as a freshman in high school, I was able to experience many ways to meet new people, talk about agriculture, and learn how important it is to tell everyone about agriculture. In FFA, I participated in public speaking, which I loved. If you didn’t know this already, public speaking is the most common fear among Americans. Since I enjoy public speaking I knew it would be a waste not to somehow incorporate that into my future career. The best blend of my love of agriculture and my love for public speaking is Ag Com, so it’s the choice that makes the most sense and makes me excited about school and my future career of AGvocating for farmers.


021Leann and I at the North American Livestock Expo (Louisville, Kentucky)

IMG_0854 Amber and I winning Grand Champion Holstein at the Illinois State Fair

Du Quion 035My heifer, Lemonade, winning her class at the Du Quoin State Fair


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